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God's Gift In Time

Walt Thompson


Price: NZD$3.99


The Sabbath is the light shining into earth’s impenetrable darkness.

Our Creator God gave us special gift of His love – a gift in time called the Sabbath – a God-appointed time in which to meet with and worship Him.

The Sabbath gives meaning to the sacrifice made on the rough wooden cross of Calvary’s mount. It points us to the whole Law of God, the unalterable foundation of His universal kingdom. It is an eternal description of self-renouncing love. God wants us to enjoy His love, bask in its beauty, and radiate its warmth to the cold world just outside our door. As you consider the Sabbath in the pages of this book, may you be challenged to accept the benefits of the Sabbath for your own life and to share your influence in restoring the Sabbath to its rightful place in the world around you.

ISBN Number: 0816325367