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Forgive to Live

Dr Dick Tibbits


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Every one of us has a grievance story a hurtful event perpetrated by someone who mattered in our lives. And for most of us, that hurt simply will not go away.

Enter forgiveness.

Unfortunately, while most of us have been taught we should forgive, we ve never been shown how or why to forgive. In this revised and updated edition of Forgive to Live, Dr. Dick Tibbits demonstrates that understanding and practicing forgiveness can literally save your life!

The truth is, forgiveness does not balance the scales of justice any more than vengeance does. But a failure or inability to forgive creates an inner anger sometimes observable, but oftentimes unseen that affects our emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, from broken relationships and cynicism that lead to isolation, to health issues that lead to a shortened life expectancy.

Using his years of study in the behavioral sciences, observation of patients and his own published scientific study, Dr. Tibbits not only provides practical advice on anger management and goal-setting, but also case studies, assessment tests and other interactive techniques to help you learn and live honest-to-goodness forgiveness. As he provocatively shows, forgiveness is the only way to get your life back and to keep your past from destroying your future.

Anger kills ... every day ... through a host of ailments such as depression, stress, broken relationships and heart disease. Yet its victims often never know what hit them.

Though there’s no quick fix for this silent killer, Dr. Dick Tibbits’ groundbreaking research reveals a solution: forgiveness.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, this revised and updated edition of Dick Tibbits’ powerful book shows you how to forgive insight by insight, step by step in a workable plan that can effectively reduce your anger, improve your health and put you in charge of your life again, no matter how deep your hurts.

In this book you will:
*Come to a new understanding of what causes you pain.

*Discover what forgiveness does and doesn’t mean.

*Take steps to reframe your grievance story (yes, you have one).

*Stop giving control of your life to people from your past.

*Understand the difference between guilt and shame.

*Get your life and maybe even your health back.

*Find the freedom, peace, and strength you've never had.

By learning the 10 Principles of Forgiveness you’ll come to realize, as thousands of others have, that Forgive to Live is not just a dream it’s a way of life that can actually save your life!

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