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Pedalling the Gospel: The Joseph & Julia Steed Story

Amanda Bews


Price: NZD$29.99


Keep your eyes on the path...

Eden is excited to finally be riding her bike without training wheels for the first time. The path along the bank of the Murray River seemed like the perfect place to ride with her Daddy and sister, Hannah.

But learning to ride isn't easy.

When Eden says she never wants to ride again, Daddy tells her a story about Joseph Steed who rode his bike all over South Australia selling books and telling people about Jesus. And about Joseph's wife, Julia, who saved a sick boy from certain death. They both had something in common: when things got hard they didn't give up.

Eden thinks about the fun she was having before the accident. Could she be determined like Joseph and keep riding? Hannah wondered if she could help people learn about Jesus, too.

God had a plan for Joseph & Julia Steed's lives. What plan does He have for you?

Book 2 of The Angel Said Australia series

ISBN Number: 9781925650136

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