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Say No to Drugs: A Musical Drama - Book and CD


Book & CD

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Drug abuse continues to be a big problem in many societies worldwide. In this book, Saustin Sampson Mfune gives a refreshing and positive prevention message through original songs and a skit. By focusing on other health behaviors such as keeping one’s environment clean and self-esteem this musical drama gives a wholistic setting to drug abuse avoidance. The spiritual component of commitment to prevention makes this book unique. This drama which provides a great entertainment at home would be appreciated in a range of settings from school assemblies, church programs, children and youth organizations and public appearances. It is a great tool for evangelism.

Songs Include:

  1. It’s Time for Pro-Active Kids
  2. Morning Prayer
  3. A Helping Band
  4. Keep Your City Clean
  5. Children’s Plea
  6. Please Come Back
  7. Let All Children Know
  8. Shorty-Shorty!
  9. Say No to Drugs
  10. I Pledge to Keep My Body Pure

ISBN Number: Saustin Sampson Mfune