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My First Handy Bible

Cecilie Olesen, Gustavo Mazali

Board Back

Price: NZD$15.99


Timeless Bible stories for toddlers

My First Handy Bible is for babies and toddlers to have their very own Bible!

They love carrying around this handy edition, beautifully illustrated and retold in simple sentences. Your kids will love the Bible important Bible stories in My First Handy Bible, Adam Eve, Creation, Noah, Noah Ark, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Israel, Joseph, Pharaoh, Egypt-Moses, Joshua, Promised Land, Jericho, Samson, Ruth-Bethlehem, Israelite, King David, Sheep, Daniel, Babylon, Lions, Jonah and the Whale, Jesus, Jesus is Love, Zacchaeus, Easter, and Communion. This bestseller has sold in more than 3 million copies and been translated into 49 languages so far! My First Handy Bible has great Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation, all faithful to the original Scriptures.

My First Handy Bible is a Bestseller More than 3 million copies sold. My First Handy Bible has a unique handle and lock that kids love to carry and show off, their very own Bible. The unique handle and lock provides extra perceived value. The Bibles have easy for kids to understand and identify with. The Bible stories include children and child characters so your kids connect with the Bible stories. My First Handy Bible is perfect as your child s first Bible book.

ISBN Number: 9788772473048