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God? Really?

Harald Giesebrecht


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Defending God against the objections of science is much easier than defending Him against the damage believers themselves have inflicted on His reputation. There are interpretations of the Bible that portrays God more like a violent psychopath than a loving God one would wish to exist. This book shares some of the author’s personal journey through some of the most difficult questions you can ask about the God of the Bible.


Harald Giesebrecht has been a church-planter and pastor in Oslo, Norway, for the past 17 years, alongside his work as an academic dean of the Norwegian Bible Institute. His academic background is in theology and German language and literature from universities in Norway, Germany and England. He loves reading, learning and deep discussions about “life, the universe and everything,” and especially about God, faith and the Bible.


“God? Really? is direct, challenging and, at times, care-fronting—not confronting, because the author wants us to think carefully and responsibly about our faith and how others see our faith. You may not agree with everything written in this book—I don’t—but it is a stimulating read that seeks to answer some of the loudest objections to credible belief in God.”—Kayle B de Waal, PhD, Head of Avondale Seminary, author of Mission Shift

ISBN Number: 9781925044928