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Second Edition of Cook:30 Out Now!

The Cook:30.2 cookbook captures all 24 meals in the second delicious season of this popular television series. 

The amazing, full-color photographs of each dish, along with the hundreds of preparation and presentation photographs demonstrating each step, will fill you with confidence to try each mouth-watering recipe.

  • 24 chapters of delicious recipes, one for each episode of the programme.
  • Every episode has around 5 different meal components to prepare and recipes for each one.
  • Each chapter has a flowchart of how to multi-task and prepare a meal the way a chef would.
  • All recipes can be prepared on their own so this book can also be used like a normal cookbook.
  • Large 235 pages, full colour photographs of each recipe.

Cook:30.2 can be purchased here.

Below: Jeremy Dixon demonstrates a recipe included in 'Cook:30.2' on 3ABN.

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A Short Story about Labour Day

'Way 'way back in the olden days it was considered perfectly normal to work from before dawn until dark. It was normal to work six-day weeks. It was normal to receive a pittance of a wage. It was normal to work in conditions that were, plainly, awful.

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King of Kings

In my old job as an events planner at the Howick Historical Village, Queens Birthday weekend was always a grand occasion.

The time period represented in the Village was the 1850s when royalty was held in high esteem. Displays focusing on the funny things Her Majesty said (yes, she did have a sense of humour), the lengthy and convoluted family tree, an acknowledgement to her favourite author, and even an appearance by her Majesty (we have talented volunteers!) along with Mr Brown and courtiers were par for the course.

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